Our Menu


Wraps & Snacks

The Traditional One – Delicious Paneer marinated in our homemade yogurt based Tikka mix with all the authenticity of India and served in a wrap with salad of your choice (contains dairy)

The Spicy One – Specially made Paneer which is infused with fresh giner, fresh green chilli, ground cumin and cracked black pepper cooked in our homemade tomato and onion based cook in sauce and served in a wrap with salad of you choice (contains dairy)

The 2 become 1 – Can’t decide? Why not try the Spicy and Traditional in one wrap… we’ll do our best to separate them in the wrap so you get to taste both of the unique flavours!

The Naked One – Don’t fancy it wrapped up? We can also serve any of the above in a tray on a bed of fresh salad (contains dairy)


Chilli Chips – Thick cut chips coated in a delicious homemade spicy sauce

Condiments – Cool Raita (contains egg/dairy), Hot Chilli, Garlic Chilli, Imli Sauce (Tamarind) & Tomato Ketchup